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    ive-moved-to-tobuyouni asked: Hey there, I just wanted to say thank you for following ! I was stalking that RP blog before, but then you disappeared ahaha. Just wanted to say that I love the way you RP Raven, and same for the Rita with who you RP (hope she'll see that message too !) So yeah, just wanted to say that, have a nice day~

    Oh man, Oh wow. That was really nice to hear you say, and thank you so much. I kinda just mellowed out on the RPing (Real life got in the way) But knowing someone enjoys the way I RP Raven makes me want to bring it back to life

    Thankyou so much again >.< that was TOO nice of you TOO NICE

    (and yes hopefully Rita sees this :])


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    They really need to up the quality at the inns there in Mantaic

    ol’ Raven went to have a relaxin trip back in the desert, and my sheets had me itchin all hours of the night! I need my beauty sleep and that just was not cuttin it for me. Not only that but the price was outrageous! 500 gald a night!

    Who do I look like ta them?! I understand the knights were a thorn in their side drivin buisness away but come on! I’m a high guild member cut me some slack, or at least a VIP room.

    I need a vacation


    Her heart stopped at those final words and she didn’t know how to respond. Was it true that she did care about the old man? She never really understood friendship before meeting Estelle, and she wondered if she could actually call Raven a friend of hers. Instinctively, she gave him a huge kick on the back


    Her face turned beet red at her sudden outburst and the immense feelings that suddenly came out of nowhere. She wasn’t good at this whole friendship thing.

    “L-lets just get going, old man!”

    Raven rubs his back smiling at her, knowing what he said was pretty embarrassing for her to hear. But even for him it made his heart whirr and whizz, hopefully it’s bright light didn’t shine through his shirt. She surely would have given him an earful had she seen that. Knowing the secluded nature of Rita he knew maybe she would want to stay away from the crowds or public places, but he couldn’t help remember that time…

    "So where should we be goin to when we get there?" He said as they began to walk onto a boat.

    "Want to play it by ear? or we could go ta that restaurant that had ya dressed up as a kitty cat waitress. There’s also the option of a home cooked meal from ol Raven after my buisness is done. Oh but I gotta show ya the city view too!"

    He had so many plans, he felt like she may get annoyed with all the questions but it all just came out. It was hardly on purpose he just wanted to repay her for her kindness all this time.

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    ooc: Me and Rita Mordio just chillin on a flower pot in Dragon Nest

    We are so bamf


    “Jeeze old man, do you really think I can’t pay for my own food?”

    Just then she remembered she spent the last of her gald on some research books.. and she was starving. She found it difficult to eat or shower or do anything for herself when she was busy conducting research. She muttered under he breath


    “Well on second thought I guess I’ll take you up on that offer. I’d rather save my own money for more important things.”

    "Leave it to my genius mage to calculate her own gain out of a friendly gesture"

    He was thinking of all the jokes, all the jabs he could take at her for saying she had “other things” to spend her money on. But his heart began whizzing in his chest. He reflected on how she had been hunting him down and been more responsible than he was about his own body. He left the teasing for another time and looked straight into her eyes with a smile.

    "Any way I can thank ya for keeping me alive Rita, sometimes I think you may care about me more than I care about myself. Thank you Rita"

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    “Now you’ve gone and broken this old mans heart, just cause I don’t have a real one doesn’t mean ya hafta be so cold”

    Raven sulks away with his arms dragging on the ground like a cave man as he heads to the ships for Nordopolica.

    Rita doesn’t really know how to respond to him at this point. She’s so used to being defensive that’s hard to express how she truly feels. Of course she was worried about Raven, they had spent a long time together traveling around Terca Lumireis. Sometimes she felt like he was being too careless in the condition he was in, and it made her both angry and upset.

    “OKAY OKAY. I might have been a little worried, just don’t push yourself too hard….You ARE an old man after all, right?” 

    She smiled and Kicked him for over-reacting for good measure.

    Raven sees the concern in her eyes as she turned away from him. Although he wanted to poke more fun at her he felt like he should save it for another time. After all, when Rita shows this kind of emotion, it’s best to treasure it he thought to himself.

    "Well if you’re that worried why don’t you come along"

    "I’ll treat ya to some dinner too. All that hard work means i’ve got Gald to spend, and I should repay your kind feelins as well"

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